Make Every Day Count...
Leah Quintana (2/18/98 - 2/3/06)

We set up this blog back in '06 to share our thoughts and a bit of Leah. We update it once in awhile... there are photos, Leah stories, and other stuff in the links... Lots of love to you all, Susan, Rick and Andrew


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Feb 18th - Leah's Birthday Dinner... see 2010 post below

Everyone joined in last year...

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Feb 18th... Leah's Birthday Dinner... Join in!

Celebrate Leah's Birthday with your family with her special dinner menu.

We want to invite you to celebrate Leah's Birthday the way we've been doing it over the last few years.  It's sort of a virtual birthday party ~ We've got her special menu here full of her favorites ... you just prepare it at your house and celebrate!  Share your Leah stories and memories - and have some special time with your family.

We invite you to dive right in Leah style.. Feel free to lean over your plate and let your hair fall through the food on your plate... Eat some things with your fingers, it feels so good... Put your arms up over your head... Put a little too much whip cream on your ice cream... wear your pj's... and giggle.. a lot!

Rick, Susan and Andrew



We've added lots of photos -- see the top link on the right!


Celebrate Leah!

Make every day count!

Donations in honor of Leah

The organizations your donations have supported to date are shown below:
Easton Library Fund (Burlingame Library Foundation) - This donation is to help eliminate the threat of closure of our neighborhood branch, which serves children from the surrounding 7 schools as well as the local elderly and those who prefer to walk to their local library.
Franklin Elementary School - We've honored Leah's love for animals and reading in this donation of World Book's 50-book series of Animals of the World. We hope the teachers and kids enjoy these as much as Leah would have.
Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA - Donations are used to help this private non-profit agency provide services including animal rescue, helping sick/injured wildlife and abused pets, and animal adoption. They accept all animals in need and place 100% of their healthy dogs and cats in adoptive homes. (12 Airport Drive, San Mateo CA 94401)
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation - The fund that was set up in Leah's name will be used for traumatic brain injury patient care and research at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center under the direction of Geoffrey Manley, MD, PhD.
Peninsula Temple Sholom - Hirschberg Children's Library Fund. Donations have provided books for the children's library. (1655 Sebastian Drive, Burlingame CA 94010)

Thank you, thank you, thank you

We plan to continue creating and supporting new programs with yours and our own donations. If you would like to help us honor Leah in this way, donation information follows:
Leah C. Quintana Memorial Foundation at US Bank:
(note: this has not been converted to a non-profit 501(c)(3))
  • Please make checks payable to: Leah C. Quintana Memorial Foundation
  • Mail to: The Quintanas, 1321 Montero Ave, Burlingame CA 94010
thank you!


Thank you

Thank you so much to all of you for the hugs, love, kind words & thoughts, and yummy food... your support has helped us tremendously.
<<< Susan, Andrew, Rick

Our contact info

home: 1321 Montero Avenue, Burlingame CA 94010


Letter 2/8/06 from Susan, Rick & Andrew

Leah Camille Quintana
2/18/98 - 2/3/06
Although this has been an unreal, surreal, unbelievable tragedy, Leah’s life was so full and happy. We are overwhelmed with all of the love and support we’ve felt and received from all over – from our families and friends (and Leah’s friends), neighbors, customers, coworkers and from strangers. We were helped through last week by so many and now by so many more.

Leah’s passions and experiences made her life so full and happy. She was independent and curious, creative and experimental, sweet yet spunky, sharp and clever, funny and goofy, fearless and strong, friendly and caring.

She was an artist, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an inventor, a shining star, and our muse. She never wanted help and said “I can do” to everything starting at 2. She always popped in with “Can I help?” when something needed fixing, gravel needed shoveling, ingredients needed mixing, or pancakes needed flipping… but never when something needed cleaning! (for that, she required an inventive game)

Two of her passions were our two cats Pekoe and Fizz. Occasionally, the cats didn’t feel the same way about her when she played a bit too roughly or pestered them mercilously. She adored them, wrote about them, and often incorporated them in her artwork. Her passion for gymnastics was intense yet enjoyable and she loved being with her team. She always had a smile on her face even during conditioning….being upside down was often preferred and was as natural as right side up. So many other things she loved -- piano, ice skating, cooking, and drawing.

In the past days, we’ve found ourselves craving those things that made us crazy or made her unique: Leah emptying the shampoo bottles, poking holes through bars of soap, dragging her hair through her food, putting her elbows on the table, drawing on furniture, removing the heads from her Barbies, taking forever to get ready in the morning and for bed, her particular eating habits -- refusing to eat breakfast or insisting on tuna or beans for breakfast, only eating food without specks of color or spices. She knew right from wrong and knew our ‘family rules’, but the power of her drive and strong-will often took over.

We will always remember the things that made us laugh: speaking martian talk, her laugh, her routines, the way she twisted like a pretzel while we read to her at night, her jokes, how she continued spraying whip cream after we said ‘stop’, her tactile nature that drove her to touch her food and coat her hands with yogurt, and the way the paint always ended up covering her hands and arms.

In Leah’s last days, she showed her fighting strength and continued to win the hearts of many. The paramedics and fire fighters were so quick to her rescue and whisked her off to SF General Hospital, one of the best trauma centers in the country. Her team of doctors and nurses were amazing, incredible people who fought for her every step of the way, kept hope, and aggressively tried everything possible to keep her alive and bring her back to us. They taught us so much and showed so much compassion for Leah and for us. In the end, there were complications not choices – and in the end, Leah brought life to others.

Leah fought hard as she always did and would want us to keep her in our hearts and remember her bright, happy passion for life. She will live on in our memories and will watch over and provide us with strength.

All we ask is that you let Leah bring a smile to your face... Always remember her, feel her smile and happiness, and make every day count.